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Nevada Attorney Providing a Landlord-Friendly Environment

There is no substitute for experience, particularly in the area of real estate law. Many firms may boast a comprehensive background in handling evictions and lease drafting and review — we back up our claim with an attorney possessing more than 25 years of legal experience devoted to representing landlords in eviction actions.

At Law Practice, Ltd., our advocacy surpasses anything an eviction service provides.

One telephone call to our office can start the eviction process and immediately give you peace of mind. Time is of the essence. contact our Las Vegas office at 702-517-5705 or toll free at 888-351-7870.

A Seasoned Real Estate Attorney at Your Side

Attorney Ann E. Kolber Esq. provides a high level of advocacy and an experienced point of view for landlords and property management companies looking to resolve contentious issues related to commercial or residential real estate rental matters. As a former property manager, she has a keen insight into the industry. For over a quarter of a century, she has negotiated and litigated resolution for her clients, while exclusively representing landlords in eviction cases, including over 10,000 trials.

Providing Counsel for One or Several Real Estate Legal Matters

Experience in real estate law is a tremendous asset on a case-by-case basis. However, your company may have an ongoing need for legal help, but not the budget to have a lawyer in house. That is where we can come in to help. We can provide ongoing services as your de facto, in-house legal counsel.

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